Success!  Sort of.  After a few more hours of searching and programming, I have resorting to using Tunepaks on Reverbnation as the media player to use on my music licensing page.  This wasn't the ideal situation because I wanted to embed the players right on the page, but with Tunepaks you can't do that for some reason. So, I have a list of songs, and if you want to listen and download, you have to click a link which will open the music player in a new window.  Not ideal like I said, but I'm sick of not getting this done and it will work for now and it will work fairly well.

The nice thing about the Tunepaks is that the songs can be downloaded right from there.  There is also a "lyrics" link.  I put short song descriptions and the lyrics to the songs there.  At least for the songs I uploaded today specifically for this.  For some reason, however, and I'm not sure why, the lyrics link doesn't seem to be working today from the Tunepak itself.  But if you follow the link to my Arist Page, the lyrics can be opened from there.  Maybe I should contact Reverbnation and find out if there is a bug or something. 

To view the page, go to