Okay, well, as it says to the right, I did get a song onto a TV show and I learned everything I could about music licensing.  I also devoted February of 2009 to write everything I learned down and organize it into a system that I or anyone else could follow to establish a successful music licensing career.  However, I haven't focused myself on starting that yet because I wanted to focus on getting our new album finished so I would have some newer songs to promote.  Some of the songs on the first Brother Howe album sound great and they all sound pretty good.  However, I wanted to have some newer stuff that was professionally mixed and mastered to submit to TV shows and movies.  Here's the thing.  These things always tend to take longer than you think don't they?  I do have three songs complete though and two more almost finished, so we're well on the way and I'll be releasing an EP here soon. But here I am 10 months later without the album complete and without anything in the works as far as music licensing goes. 

So now I say, screw it!  Let's get this party started anyway.  A new year's coming up and I've got a job to do.  I'm gonna follow my guide and see how well it works.  I honestly believe in it.  I really do.  I think it's the best thing out there compared to what I've found so far on the subject and I just need to prove it. 

Here's some more reasoning behind starting this even though I"m not done with a new album.  I believe it's never the exact right time to start anyway.  I think that it might detract from the focus that it will give me an excuse to contact music supervisory and such periodically and let them know what I'm working on, which will build relationships.  And I think if I do this here, it'll hold me accountable to keep things going.  I don't know about you, but I have a hard time sticking with stuff consistently.

So subscribe to the RSS feed and follow along, this should be interesting.
If you have any quesitons about the guide, music licensing in general or whatever, please leave them here. This will be our way of generating a Frequently Asked Questions section.