So you don't want to rely on music publishers or other song pitchers in the industry and you're ready to dive right in and be a mover and a shaker in and of your own right?  No problem, get ready for some serious work. 

The idea then is to find out about films and TV shows that are currently in production and who is responsible for the music for these projects.  Here are some great places to start: 

Variety Magazine: From their website, “Recognized and respected throughout the world of show business, Variety is the premier source of entertainment news.”  Variety’s website has lists of production companies and the projects they currently have in production.  They sometimes offer a free trial for a time, which should give you a fairly extensive list to start with.  The subscription fee is around $300/year for the online version.

Hollywood Reporter is Variety’s main competitor.  Its website is and it has print and online versions.  Check the website for subscription fees.  They are typically a little less expensive than Variety.

Internet Movie Dababase –  Signing up for IMDbPro gives you access to lists of movies and TV shows in pre-production, filming, post-production, etc.  The fee is less than Variety or Hollywood Reporter and it is monthly, which makes it easy to try out for awhile.

Some other places to look:
Film Music JobWire –  Great source for all things film music.  Job listings, etc.
Hear it – Clear it Music Supervision - browse music needs and sign up for email list.
Goodnight Kiss Music Publishing:

Performance Rights Organizations:


Each PRO has a department dedicated to helping get their artists music into film and TV.  You may want to investigate those areas and ask for their assistance.

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