It’s very important that one has their own web presence when it comes to having an online presence.  Facebook pages are nice, but it may not be  around forever.  Look at Friendster and MySpace as examples of once popular web spaces that have been toppled by newer players.  It is also much more professional to have your own website, and with your own “dot com” domain  name.

But how do you go about doing this without spending a lot?  The nice thing about Facebook is that it’s FREE, right?  

Here’s how I have my own website presence for less than $15 per year.  There are lots of people out there that will host your website, but it can cost quite a bit.  One example is - which charges $20 per month, which ends up costing you $240 a year.   I have nothing against them, I’ve used for years for my band, and I’m sure they are a high-quality company and provide great service.  All I’m saying is that  it’ll cost you $240 for the year, not to mention domain name renewals, which are around $15 per year now.  

Here it is at it’s simplest; buy a domain name and have it point to a freely hosted website.  Two steps (sort of - I broke it into four steps below).