You've got music.  You've heard there is money to be made from licensing that music on TV shows (or movies or video games or commericials).  So how do you go about finding places that could use your music?  There are many places on the web to go to find places that need your music.  But today I will share with you three quick and easy websites to check out:

I came across a website yesterday thanks to Greg Kocis that holds some very interesting and exciting ways for an artist to find music licensing opportunities for TV shows on a national scale.  One of the ways that an artist can find opportunities is by looking for TV shows that use music that is similar to their own style of music.  But how do you find those shows?  You can watch a lot of TV, listen for the music that is similar to yours and hopefully interest the Music Supervisor.  I did a quick check and CBS currently has 32 shows listed. 

In prime time alone.  

Multiply that by the number of channels out there (I'll let you count them up) and there are hundreds and hundreds of shows out there.  Who has time to listen and watch that much TV?  No one, that's who. 

In comes, a website dedicated to finding music from TV and movies.  I think the main point of it is to help people find that song they just heard on CSI: Miami or whatever.  Cool idea actually.  However, when I saw it, a whole other way of using the website occurred to me.